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At Nadi Astrology in Chennai, you will be provided with readings to individuals or any person who is interested to know about his near future and wants to be prosperous by following the pieces of advice and the readings Nadi astrology is a form of astrology to decipher the birth details and prediction data based on the Moon transition. It uses some intuition, Archetyping, and face-reading processes.

The form of Nadi astrology is prominent in South India specifically in the reasons of Tamil nadu. Astrologers provide a snapshot prediction of life by using various methods and recording the meaning. They make use of a few manuscripts that are coded including the Chandra kala Nadi, which is also known as the Deva keralam. It is a branch mentioned in the specific division of the Varga in Vedic astrological science. The presence of many temples in South India claims to provide prospective predictions by decoding it and the presence of written text was found including the popular Maharishi of Tamil nadu Agastaya rishi. It is believed that the past present and future of individuals can be foreseen. And these predictions were documented on the palm leaves during ancient times by The Hindu sages. So Nadi astrologers can determine the future,past, present of the person through the text written on the palm leaves.

We at Siva Nadi jothidam in Chennai are here to provide the most suitable and exact predictions to continue the work since 1980. Guruji A. Siva Guru Swamy provide genuine and exceptional predictions for almost 30 years to the public. Guruji A. Siva Guru Swamy works as a chief Nadi astrologer and was inaugurated at Vaitheeswarankoil. We provide accurate predictions and discovered the destiny by searching on the Nadi leaves to interpret the life of the person. Our Nadi jothidam in Chennai makes sure to provide truthful predictions by deciphering the leaf and analyzing them accurately. They thoroughly analyze the Nadi leaf and provide all the guidance are the solutions needed to remove the obstructions or the bad omens in the person's life. Guruji A. Siva Guru Swamy practices authentic jothidam predictions for benefitting the life of the person

History Of Nadi

Nadi astrology is practiced in the Tamil nadu region and the regions of Kerala including the adjacent sites of southern India. As it is one of the Ancient methods of predicting the future. It has been believed that the Indian sages had the powerful ability to look into the past, present & also the future life of the person. The ability to see the life of people who are not only dead but also who are not born yet. Nadi astrologers read all the predictions by making use of thumb impressions of the person and the first alphabet of their name.All the data was recorded on the palm leaves and today a alot of astrologers try to decipher or read this branch of astrology. The term Nadi in the Tamil language means "in search of."

How Do Nadi Astrolgers Get Forecasts Of The Person's Life ?

The predictions of the individual are first identified by the planet's position name of the family members, relatives,his position in life, date of birth, parentage and marital status as well. The thumb impression is individually taken and the astrologers try to read through the palm leaf bundles which are likely to be around 5 to 6. If you are looking for getting accurate and reliable predictions for your future then our Nadi astrology in Chennai will guide you to get the ultimate successful life through their understanding and wisdom."

Agathiyar Nadi Jothidam Chennai Jothidam Chennai

We welcome you to the best Nadi jothidam in Chennai and the practice which is very ancient and continuing for at least 3000 years. The yogis of ancient times had the power to write on the palm leaves and look into the past in the future of the entire universe. The accurate Nadi jyotidham practice strives to provide and follow procedures as inscribed in ancient astrology.We are well familiarized to provide accurate predictions in understanding the code words and the famous Nadi jothidam in Chennai has generations of experience in studying the history of Nadi astrology. We decorate procedures and events at the Nadi jothidam. All the facts about the person are first inscribed on Palm leaves. These facts become the witnesses or the Sakshi of the person. It includes the name of the person's spouse name, family member's name and the details about his birth and the family members. The process to read all the facts is the leaf and taking out other leaves and continuing to provide the proper form of leaf.In this way they will get accurate Nadi reading."

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