Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology

What is Nadi astrology?

Nadi astrology is a branch of astrology that discovers the past, present the future life of a person with the help of manuscript ancient Palm leaves. Rishi Muni made it in 1200 BC with their intense knowledge and wisdom. It uses one's thumb crease to get the related prediction from the manuscript leaves.

There are around 18 siddhars who inspired Tamil literature and philosophy. These include the kalangi Nathar, Agasthyar, Konganaar, sivavakkiyar, Idaikadar, Bogar.They would give perfect solutions and advisements to the general public and later decided to expand their services to future generations. Therefore they started writing down many unabridged texts about the life of the person in the palm leaf. These manuscripts written by them were used to predict one past, present, and future life. And to help those individuals for their future ahead from their current life. These manuscripts need intense wisdom to decode and understand appropriately to bring valid predictions to life. And valluvars who served as a Pallava king had great expertise in this interpretation of palm leaves. Thus they started following their passion as an occupation and helped many people. All the knowledge and teachings were passed to these valluvars as their progeny, and they started practicing this astrology for their living. We began in 1802 at the sivanadi center in vaitheeswaran Koil. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Siva or baithi ( healing) and eeswaran ( Lord Siva). We belong to the valluvars of meikanda nadhar gotra and the followers of Shaivism Who worshipped Lord Shiva. So then, since they started sharing the knowledge, they made many predictions for people of all colors and races. As our forefathers practiced proficiency, they passed all ethics and wisdom to our family, who are continuing Nadi astrology work at the temple of vaitheeswaran. For a long time, we have been associated with predicting the future of many people's lives. But with time, there has been a proliferated increase in Nadi astrology centers that do not possess the credibility to make accurate predictions and work in centers surrounding the temples, which has caused dilemma and doubt about the legitimacy of the profound Nadi Astrology. We have been serving as the oldest Nadi Astrology center since 1800 as the 4th generation of astrologers. We provided the most accurate and genuine predictions reviewed by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who have visited every year to get the most realistic forecast.

Nadi Astrology

● Nadi astrology is proven and linked to the valluvars of the Pallava Kings

● Since 1802 is the 4th generation astrologer, we have at least 30 years of experience serving as the Nadi astrologers.

● Prediction for entire life at a very affordable cost

● As no two problems are the same so thus the answers are also precise to the needs

● We provide 100% privacy and security.

● Every prediction determines the past life as well

● All the remedies will be done only up to your will

● You can get a 100% refund in case you are unsatisfied

● Live doubt-clearing sessions after every prediction

The Perfection of Nadi Astrology Nadi Astrology

Because their history is so considerable, thus astrologer families have a great prediction practice of telling your fortune and future as well. The Guruji Siva Guru Swamy are highly disciplined from a very young age. The perfect prediction of them is the result of the careful and diligent supervision of their father, S. V. Arumugam. They have inherited this quality and also continue the delivery of perfect and precise predictions to the future generation. It is been almost three decades, and the divine and religious comprehension of Palm leaf astrology or Nadi astrology is passed down from generation to generation. Thus, it is the perfect astrology center that is brilliant in predicting the future and knowing the present and the eventual fate. The antiquated palm leaves are made by the Rishi Munis of their profound knowledge and intelligence. Those records made by the Rishi Munis are protected in the dome of this astrological house. About 20 centuries ago, the considerable bygone philosophers, understood the complete aptitude of prescriptions, stargazing, soothsaying, and many more branches of human information. They get to the bottom of these and described them on palm leaves or you can say manuscripts. We can say for sure that the progress that science and innovative field have, is for the antiquated works."

The Rishis

They were heavenly sages and holy people who centered themselves on the “Celestial being Paramathma”. They exceeded the forces of individuals and they got the power of guessing the future by their premonition. The great rishis like Agastya, Koushika, Maha Siva Vakkiya, Valmiki, Atri, Brigu, Bogar, Vasista, Kaha Bhujanda, Sukar, and many more have forecasted the humankind that possessed the world. The Rishis and Siddhas bounded their forecasts only to the individuals, not to everyone existing or rising to the earth. The forecasts done by Siddhas, recorded on the sacred palm leaves, are just like the expressions, logic of science, and stargazing of that ancient times. The Rishis and Siddhas used a specific style or you can say a particular language system named Devanagiri Well, that is all for Nadi astrology. Hopefully, you got a useful piece of information regarding palm leaf astrology. "

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